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I was very tired of the whole unending cycle of dropping off resumes and waiting for callbacks. I did not have any network that I could reach out to for a job Then I came across Amazjobs and was so happy to see that I could apply to all companies that are hiring on the same portal! I found a warehouse job with a good delivery company within a week and even got a joining bonus.”


I came to the US as an international student so I did not have any network that I could reach out to for a job. I found out about Amazjobs from my college seniors and was a little sceptical at first but their Application Success Specialists helped me find a delivery job in no time and now I am able to manage my daily expenses and even send back a little bit of money to my family.


I used to think that only people looking for corporate jobs could use the internet for their search, but when I lost my job during the pandemic my daughter helped me apply to positions using Amazjobs. I did not think it would be helpful because I thought it was a thing for youngsters, but I actually found a trucking job really soon and can now even pick my own hours!.


I graduated high school last year in the middle of the pandemic and did not know how to look for jobs. My friend, who had started delivering food recommended that I do the same but there were no openings at his company. So I started applying for different delivery positions on Amazjobs and started working within two weeks. Since I get to pick my own hours, I am also able to manage my time so that I can attend my online university classes!.


As an immigrant, I really wanted to get a job but was completely new to the American application process. One of my neighbours in the building told me about Amazjobs and how they help people fill out job applications for free, and I decided to avail of that service. Within one month I started working at a warehouse and even made like-minded friends who work the same shift. I would recommend this website to everyone!.